Everyone carries emotional baggage of one sort or another. But does that determine the kind of person they are?  Building Up is a practical guide to becoming the person everyone wants to be–the happy, contented, successful person they deserve to be.  Here, in this work that aims to develop emotional strength and creativity, author Sylvia Swan leads readers through a number of daily strategies designed to make them more resilient, effective and a whole lot more fun.  More importantly, Swan does so in a reader-friendly voice, one that gives help with practical care:

I’ve decided to put down that urge to complain about my current position, scream that it’s not fair, demand that life bestow the same privileges others appear to begin with, and see instead that this place that I am in, and it is that way for a reason. And it comes with an upside… This upside is one that (will) provide wisdom, acceptance, and a greater sense of understanding, empathy, and even social responsibility.